Sales is both an individual and a team sport and the sales professional must be committed to both. Our leadership program trains participants to lead with integrity, set clear obtainable goals, articulate a vision, and provide a balanced work environment. Leadership skills and sales force retention work hand-in-hand. At RDM Management Group, our program will teach your business leaders to be courageous, decisive, just, and will encourage them to exceed expectations. A great leader sets the path that others can follow. 
If you are an employer looking for a proficient sales professional or a business professional seeking employment in the arena of sales or customer service, then Talent Acquisition is the service for you! Working with all major industries we connect talented people with great companies “Connecting people with people.” We aim to understand your business needs, goals and deliver upon your requirements. Let us help you drive longstanding business success with our Talent Acquisition Services, and “Expect Great Things To Happen!”


Richard Marks is an expert when it comes to public speaking. From launching new markets to speaking at graduations, his speeches are down to earth, realistic, and powerful. If you need someone to inspire your employees while implementing your company’s vision, then look no further. Our workshops and seminars will focus on motivating your employees by helping set goals and objectives to create a harmonious balance not only in the workplace, but all areas of life. 



We believe that there is an undeniable correlation between the athlete and the sales person. Based on this ideology, we have created a truly original method of molding the “sales athlete” for the market of your business. Our team believes there is no “sales gene” and that anyone with the self-confidence, motivation, and emotional intelligence can excel in sales. Our curriculum is customized to fit our clients on an individual basis so that you get the most out of your experience. This personal touch allows us to focus on what you or your business needs. 
Our holistic approach will allow us to enhance your natural ability while providing growth in needed areas of improvement. Our performance coaching can be done on an individual basis or in a group setting. By using a series of assessments we accurately determine what is essential for the betterment of your business. Want your sales people to be the best all around? Then this is the service for you! 




Whether you are between sales managers, or find yourself in need of a sales leader for your business, then this service is perfect for you. Our President will personally perform the day-to-day functions of a sales manager including sales training, motivating employees, reviewing funnels, accompanying sales representatives on ride-alongs, conducting sales meetings, evaluating sales teams, setting appointments and making presentations. This service is on a interim and/or on call basis. 





Soft Skills by definition are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. At RDM Management Group we know how important soft skills are to the success of any organization. Training your staff to use these skills will help your employees communicate better with co-workers and customers and can yield a significant return on investment. 
Team Dynamics are a very important part of any organization, and can have a huge impact on performance, company reputation, staff retention rates, and whether employees are enjoying what they are doing. When team dynamics are neglected or ignored they can have a significant impact on the way the team works. We can help guide your team by identifying the symptoms which cause internal challenges within the team, and how these issues can be improved. We will facilitate the developmental team building processes by focusing on effective communication, accountability, self awareness, professional courage, and positive confrontation.




Before, during, and after the sale are pivotal points that must be monitored closely to ensure a successful customer experience. We teach the skills needed to communicate positively, effectively, and professionally with customers – both internal and external. RDM Management Group uses methods that are exciting, upbeat, motivational, and most importantly, informative. Let us mold your business to success starting with the most important factor, the customer. This is the key to professional selling.