We understand the commitment and determination it takes to be a successful athlete. Whether you are a professional athlete or played sports in high school or college, your commitment and determination are what make you, the athlete, a perfect candidate for the business of sales. Our philosophy is that “sales is the field and the sales person is the athlete.” RDM Management Group will help you transition into a successful sales career by teaching you how to develop and apply your athletic characteristics to sales, leaving you re-energized with feelings of being “back in the game.”



Academic Institutions

As a professional in sales, you understand the key attributes of self-discipline, motivation, and confidence it takes to build and maintain a successful sales career. Whether you are an individual working for a company selling a product or service, or you own or manage your own firm or practice, RDM Management Group offers an array of services that can be customized to fit your unique needs. Whatever your field or business — real estate, legal services, medical/dental, retail, or outside sales — our team can take any kind of salesperson or team and mold them into “Sales Athletes” by teaching techniques to develop and strengthen those key attributes.

As a veteran you are trained to have self-discipline and persistence and you understand the necessity of collaboration and structure. Our team believes that these qualities make for an exceptional sales person. The process of selling is a structured formation that requires alignment and uniformity, similar to a military structure. It also requires a degree of sacrifice for the greater good. As a veteran himself, RDM Management CEO understands the unique needs of veterans in transitioning from a military career to a career in sales. With our customized sales training programs, we can help you make this transition and teach you how to apply your military training to the “battlefield of selling.”

Business Professionals





RDM Management Group’s academic programs are geared toward institutions of higher learning where there may not be a specific program or degree for sales. We have created proven and validated curricula that will assist students who have an interest in the sales profession.   We offer a variety of curricula that can be implemented on a one-time basis, through seminars and workshops, or through a longer term program. Whether your students have a general interest in sales, or you want to give your athletes a glimpse into an exciting and fulfilling alternative career, RDM Management Group can help!