Jani Jackson, M.Ed., is the founder of Develop Your Team, a company devoted to creating highly-engaged, top-performing teams. Jani values the uniqueness of every individual and group. She works with each client to create customized, participant-centered programs to meet their specific needs.

As a successful and dynamic corporate leader for over 20 years, Jani developed many high-achieving, engaged teams. She has brought her enthusiasm for people development to Develop Your Team, where she offers innovative solutions to groups striving to achieve peak performance.

Jani received her Master of Education from Colorado State University, with a specialization in Adult Education and Training. Her philosophy is that people achieve the highest levels of growth and development when they actively participate in their own learning. She applies this core philosophy as she works with groups to improve team dynamics, engagement, decision-making, and overall performance.  She is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with individuals and teams to help them grow and excel.

Contact Jani directly at (760) 652-5060 or jani@developyourteam.com to learn more about how she can help your team achieve its goals.


Jani Jackson, Experiential Trainer & FacilitatorStrategic Partner

Anna is the founder of Top Performance Consulting, a consulting firm that promotes performance excellence in sports and business. She helps her clients boldly surpass their limits and raise the bar for their competition.  Anna is a certified TAIS™ practitioner (Test of Attentional and Interpersonal Style) used for assessment and development of elite athletes and organizational leaders.    Visit her website for more information: www.psychforsport.com

She understands the components of a winner, the emotional setbacks and blocks stifling peak performance, and the steps required to resolve those challenges.  She is a highly-qualified resource to professionals whose livelihoods require consistent attention to details, mitigation of extreme conditions, and management of high stress.  

With over 20 years of experience in all sizes of industry, including non-profit and recreation, Anna complements her knowledge of information systems and process engineering with mentoring and training - enabling colleagues in Finance, Technology, Health, and Education to grow and develop their strengths.  

Anna participates as a mentor to transitioning Veterans for the North San Diego Chamber of Commerce ‘Military Transition Council’ and she has served as a volunteer guide to visually impaired athletes, with the Challenged Athletes Foundation.   

In addition to earning a BA in Middle East Studies and an MA specializing in Sport Counselling, she has also credentialed with the Canadian Professional Golf Association (CPGA) Elite Golf Management program.  She produced "Mental Skills of Golf", a golf instruction curriculum used at private golf clubs and in recreation centers.


Anna Weltman, Strategic Partner 

Kevin Swint is a high performing Executive and Director of Business Development Professional, with over 25 years of successfully strategizing and launching products in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and dietary supplement industries.

Kevin attained his B.A. in Communication and Information Technology from Rutgers University. He attained his MBA from the University of Redland’s School of Business.

Kevin is the Co-Founder of Swint Consulting Group. In 2017 Mr. Swint joined RDM Management group as a Strategic Partner. In his role, he focuses on Business Development, Marketing, Corporate Communication and Branding strategies for clients.

He leads management teams and performs S.W.O.T analysis, focusing on market entry activities, and identifying key opportunities to monetize and increase sales revenue. Kevin assess business contracts and designates experts in legal/compliance issues around all aspects of customer engagement. He creates streamlined blueprints divisional strategies as it relates to marketing, business planning, and social media communication to align with corporate goals. Kevin has over 15 years leading cross-functional teams and coaching project managers and executives with national and international product launches. In the last ten years Kevin has been successfully guiding executives and managers as a career and life coach. Please contact Kevin through RDM Management Group; and “Expect Great Things to Happen!”


Michael Jenkins, MA, CMEC

 Michael Jenkins is the president and founder of Intelligent Leader Solutions, LLC,  developer of Productive Change Management – designed to support entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, managers and professionals seeking growth, to perform better and to lead and manage change individually and organizationally.  Michael is a Certified Mastermind Executive Coach and member of International Coach Federation.  He has more than 30 years business experience that includes business ownership, leading, directing, and consulting on organizational team development.

Location: San Diego, California   Phone: 858-705-4002 Website: ProductiveChangeManagement.com 

Bridget Randall, Strategic Partner


Richard is the Founder/President of RDM Management Group, a professional sales consulting company which focuses on professional development while intellectually serving others. The core of Richard’s practice is based on four (4) key principles: Self Confidence, Self-Discipline, Emotional Intelligence, and Motivation. These are the same four (4) key principles which have allowed Richard to gain a 30-year corporate business career.  Most recently, Richard has experience in the Wireless industry.   He was afforded the opportunity to take on struggling teams and turn them into top performers. Richard is known for working within a business structure to identify communication gaps and roadblocks that impede the effectiveness of teams and individuals.

Richard is a Veteran of the United States Army, a professional speaker, as well as a performance business coach and trainer. Richard is also an established author of The Empowerment Series Volume I & II, a Motivational CD Series. 

Richard currently serves on the Board of Directors for the North San Diego Business Chamber, Kroc Center Salvation Army Advisory Council, Miramar College Business Department Advisory Board and The Foundation for Care Integration. Richard is also a facilitator for REBOOT, a National Veterans Transition Service. Additionally, Richard serves as an Adjunct Facilitator with Point Loma Nazarene University where students are able to receive Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for participating in his courses.   Last, but definitely not least, Richard volunteers his time as a Facilitator at Interfaith Community Services Veterans Assistance Program, Habitat for Humanity and Meals on Wheels.  

Richard has been married to his lovely wife, Eleasa, for 26 years.  He is a Father of five (5) children with three (3) very active grand-children.  He is an avid runner who enjoys the San Diego landscaping.​​ ​
As the Founder and President of RDM Management Group, Richard D. Marks has over 30 years of successful sales and leadership experience. Prior to founding RDM Management Group, Richard spent 18 years as a highly regarded sales leader in the competitive wireless industry where he successfully implemented best practices to transform struggling sales teams to become top performers.   

Richard D. Marks, Founder & President



Regina Schnell, Founder of Workplace Symphonies, Conflict Resolution Specialist

Hands-on experiential activities are what sets Bridget's talent development apart from the rest. She provides tools to navigate change management and targets developing strong teams. Her unique style focuses on improving communication to strengthen interpersonal relationships, resolve conflict and set the bar high for team morale. As a result, teams move forward and achieve their goals. 

Recognized for her ability to tap into an individual's leadership potential, Bridget brings enthusiasm and engagement to the learning environment. She has been recognized for her utilization of the ADDIE adult learning theory model including developing curriculum, facilitation workshops and creating job aids. Her workshops include: Write to be Remembered and Acing the Interview. Her training experience spans Southern California, Central Africa, West Africa and Southern China where she has coached adult and youth learners in for-profit and non-governmental organizations.


My name is Judy Corasaniti and I am passionate about empowering others. I have a Masters in Business Administration and have spoken nationally at conferences, for non-profit organizations, businesses and retreats. I live in San Diego, CA.My goal is to provide inspiration and motivation to empower others, knowing your true identity is the core of moving forward. 

​As a consultant, public speaker, strategist/integration coach
my passion is to help others become the best they can by identifying and utilizing their gifts,
talents and abilities. Strategies for Success is a curriculum I have established that is adaptable
to corporations, businesses, high schools and colleges to set you apart as a leader and give
you practical tools to empower you both personally and professionally.

Judy Corasaniti, Strategic Partner

Kevin Swint, Strategic Partner 

Regina Schnell is the founder of Workplace Symphonies. She is a certified mediator and a distinguished expert in the fields of workplace conflict resolution, human resources, and risk mitigation. With more than 20 years of experience working for large firms and organizations as an HR professional, she continues to help clients achieve individual and organizational excellence through comprehensive coaching, communication and conflict resolution services.